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Confident Coach - Annual Subscription

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Break Through The Blocks That Keep Your Coaching Business From Growing

Learn the 11 Mind Hacks of The Confident Coach and Take Your Coaching Business to a Higher Level of Success

As a coach, it is exciting to know that your skills can help people become more confident, more successful and happier. Despite this, your own negative thoughts and beliefs can sometimes hold you back and you may find that...

  • You underprice your services because you’re too scared to charge more.
  • You don’t know how to effectively get your message across.
  • You are unsure how to pitch your message, so you never reach your target audience.
  • Your self-doubt gets in the way of you effectively selling your services.

Until you can fully believe in yourself, you will always struggle to have clients believe in you.

A Confident Coach is a Successful Coach

For a limited time, you can have full access at NO COST to my powerful training on overcoming Imposter Syndrome for good. Usually, you would have to complete a full program in order to have access to this information but for a limited time, you can have this section now.
Did you know that 99% of new coaches struggle with limiting beliefs and fears that hold them back from success? When you know how to remove these, you will thrive and prosper as a coach. 
When you add confidence, ambition and high self-belief to your coaching skills, you will grow a phenomenally successful coaching business.
I created The Confident Coach to show you how to overcome your fears in order for your business to soar.
The 10 powerful training modules (plus a special bonus module), are designed to utilize Rapid Transformational Therapy and include hypnotic recordings to rewire and recode your mind, with new powerful beliefs. T
hey move you from fear to action and install within you unshakeable confidence, the same confidence that allows you to charge premium rates, attract top-level clients and radiate the confidence of a top-level coach.
When you join The Confident Coach you get access to:
Mind Hack 1: I Will Survive
Discover how to unleash your mind’s ability to have utmost belief in your message, see yourself as a leader, and radiate confidence in all you do. 
Mind Hack 2: Rules of The Mind
When you understand how the mind works, you can change negative thoughts to positive ones, making “positive” the mind’s default setting. 
Mind Hack 3: How The Mind Works
Learn to uncover greater clarity so you can reach your goals, ambitions and desires as a coach. Learn how to unlock this in your clients, so they’re more successful in all they do.
Mind Hack 4: Habits of Natural Leaders
Develop the confidence to lead your clients to success and excel in your work. Tap into your purpose and lead from your strengths, so your work makes an impact. 
Mind Hack 5: What’s Wrong With You? (And Everyone Else Too)
When you learn the 3 core premises behind mindset blocks (and how common they are), you’ll be able to move yourself and your clients to new levels of self-esteem and confidence.
Mind Hack 6: Fourplay
As you learn the 4 roles people play, you’ll develop the skills to unpack and dispel old beliefs that keep you (and your clients) from truly being free.
Mind Hack 7: Habits of Success and Confidence
Your skills as a coach and as a business owner will transform when you develop success habits that become part of your everyday routine. You’ll be priming yourself for peak performance and activating increased self-discipline, productivity and focus.
Mind Hack 8: Dealing with Critics and Criticism
No longer will critics and criticism stop your confidence. Empower yourself to become rejection-proof by following a proven protocol.
Mind Hack 9: Imposter Syndrome
When your mind releases the need to be perfect and to accept you as you are, everything will change. You’ll move past any blocks that keep you from fully expressing your calling as a coach. 
Mind Hack 10: Money
When you erase your fears, stories and limiting beliefs around money, you’ll have the ability to charge what you are worth. Your prices will be aligned with your skill and confidence, which will be limitless.
Bonus Mind Hack - Installing The Cheerleader

Discover how to make positive, encouraging thoughts your “normal” and wake up every day feeling inspired and on purpose. Your inner cheerleader is there waiting to cheer you on to success. 

The #1 Thing That Will Make You Most Successful As A Coach Is How You Feel About Yourself

Your thoughts are a form of energy that radiates from you and back to you, like a magnet, attracting clients that match your thinking.

When you value your work, you will attract clients who value your work and who will pay you what you are worth.

By increasing your confidence, you will transform your coaching business into a successful, profitable venture that helps others and does good.

When you join The Confident Coach, you will receive the tools to immediately fortify your confidence and uplevel your mindset:

  • Instant access to the entire 10 module Confident Coach Program
  • Instructional videos where I will personally teach you the 10 Mind Hacks and how they’ll help your coaching business.
  • 10 Rapid Transformation Therapy Hypnosis Audios to help you move past your blocks and reset your thinking.
  • Special bonus training to reinforce your positive thoughts and empower your mindset.
  • A downloadable Hackbook, filled with interactive exercises and tips to deepen your learning and maximize your results.
  • A private Facebook group where I will be available to support you on your journey to increased confidence.
  • Digital coaching delivered to your email inbox, guiding you through the program so you get the most out of your training.
  • An InstaHack Quick Guide for easy reference - this tool will help match how you’re feeling with specific modules to best support you.

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