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I Am Enough Module: You Are Enough

I Am Enough Module: You Are Enough

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What lies beneath so many of our issues, including self-sabotage, depression, anxiety, addictions and destructive habits is a belief that we are not enough. Even people who appear to “have it all” still feel that they are not enough inside and can go into self-destruct.

Marisa helps you understand the core belief that run all of your issues and change it so you can lead a remarkable life. The skill is in locating why we still hold onto old outdated beliefs and remove that reasoning, along with the destructive beliefs themselves. Marisa rewires your thinking, leaving within you an unshakeable certainty and conviction that you are enough and will always be enough. 

When you know you are enough, it makes you strive to do more and be more because you now believe you are worth it. Learn the methods and techniques to rapidly and permanently help you overcome any issues.

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I Am Enough Module: You Are Enough

Impartial Review

I have used the course (I am enough) on a daily basis for around 3 months and apart from the fact that I feel a little calmer, I can say I haven't noticed much other change. I do look forward to my alone time with the program, and I like that it's not long and drawn out like other programs. I would recommend anyone give it a go

So powerful!

I love this module, especially the regression audio. I remembered many things that I had forgotten about my childhood and it helped me understand where my wrong beliefs came from so that I could let go of them. I think it's a great program for anyone who is ready to change!

You Are Enough changes your life!

I have never thought that 3 little words would change me like that. Since I have started to listen to this module I'm more confident, less afraid and needy. I start to Believe in myself and that I'm as important as anybody else. I have always thought that there is no natural place for me in this world, That I need to fight for everything, but now I have started to believe that it was meant to be that I'm here. This is a big break through for me, I still get gossebumps every time Marisa says: You do have place in this world! I will continue with every module of I'm Enough course!

I am enough

I feel more relaxed than I have ever been.
Anger has gone and am looking forward to tbe abundance.