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Perfect Weight Forever

Perfect Weight Forever

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Course Overview

The Perfect Weight Forever program is designed so you can incorporate it into your busy lifestyle. It is so easy to use and will only take moments out of your day.

You have seen the proof, so there is absolutely no reason it will not work for you too. And the magic of it is that it is a permanent change, for life!

Be your Perfect Weight Forever without expensive treatments, pills, dieting, surgery or boring workouts in as little as 14 Days!*

The Perfect Weight Forever program is designed to change not just your weight, shape and size but also your relationship with food.

It is designed to put you in control rather than feeling food controls you or feeling that you have no control around food.

The program is going to show you how to see yourself as slimmer, how to think and act as slimmer and how to train your mind and your appetite so you can reach and then maintain your perfect weight forever more easily than you ever thought possible.

How Will This Program Help You?

Perfect Weight Forever really is the only weight loss program you will ever need as it fixes the root cause of why you never lose weight. So you will never have to diet, pop weight loss pills, or do long and boring workouts ever again!

Huge Money Savings

Perfect Weight Forever is the closest thing to having a personal one on one consultation with Marisa Peer. Marisa’s private clinic is booked up for many months in advance, and with the demand so high, the prices are too. So this program allows us to help more people, who want to lose weight fast, and without the high fees Marisa’s clients can afford.

30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Test out Perfect Weight Forever for 30 days and if this program isn’t everything we promised, simply let us know and we will refund every single penny of your investment no questions asked.

Join Our Global Community

Having a support network and a positive environment is valuable for staying fit and healthy. Meet like-minded people, and make new friends.

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Customer Reviews

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Nutritional Information

Did not agree entirely with the nutritional information. While reducing starches when losing weight is key, some complex carbs are needed for adequate nutrition.

Great value

Loads of good informations and hypnosis sessions are great
No more milk and sugar!!

Amazing! I’ve finally given up sugar!

Honestly, I just don’t eat sugar, bread or dairy anymore thanks to this course. I feel absolutely fantastic and have even taken up running again.

Absolutely Amazing

I love this course, I have been listening to it everyday for about 2 weeks now and have already seen positive changes. I no longer crave unhealthy foods and eat more mindfully, I have not weighed myself yet but I can feel that I have lost weight and clothes are starting to fit better, I now look and talk to myself positively which I haven’t done in a long time. Marisa has such a beautiful voice it’s so easy to listen to. I highly recommend this course to everyone.

I was not one of the lucky ones to work for me