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Marisa Peer’s powerful reputation as one of the world’s most celebrated therapists is based on her work over thirty years of intensive research and practice.

With this line of treatment creating a pathway from struggles to success, Marisa has spent over 30 years perfecting her techniques and developing the ground-breaking Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™). RTT™ is an extremely fast and efficient new method that has produced outstanding results for thousands of people worldwide.

With international success and acclaim as ‘Britain’s Best Therapist’, what drives her now is sharing these gifts as widely as possible. Passionate about making the hope, healing and transformative power of this technique accessible to everyone, she makes her insights and methods available through her range of audiobooks online.

 If you are ready to attract the perfect relationship or reach your dream dress size, Marisa Peer’s hypnosis audio courses give you a fast, effective way to improve your life – starting now.

If you are experiencing challenges like phobias, depression or feelings of being unlovable, you will gain insights into the root causes and help to move forward – rapidly and with a sense of ease gained from tapping into your subconscious.

The magic of this technique is that it draws powerfully on your existing mental resources that are already there, waiting to be unleashed.

These self hypnosis audio courses make Marisa’s award-winning techniques available to everyone.

You can now access the same leading methods used by celebrities, sports stars, and even royalty.

They are available to buy on a range of topics tailored to your individual needs. You can listen to the hypnosis courses in privacy, in the comfort and convenience of your home.

Give yourself the gift of freedom: freedom from fear, doubt, and stress. Overcome your daily struggles and set yourself up for success. Open a new chapter of hope and healing through this mode of treatment, as thousands of Marisa’s clients have done before you.

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