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Its worth it

I really love all those positivity. Few of the audios are not something i was looking for. But still those are worth it.

Really helpful

Only been using a week or so now but finding this helpful. Not weighed myself yet but definitely less hungry and eating smaller portions. Find myself out of habit in from of our “treat” cupboard staring at it but not wanting anything. Will be continuing to use at night and plan a weigh in at the end of 4 weeks. I’ve defiantly got faith this will work


Awesome tools from Marisa Peer.
Highly recommend it

It worked.

Thank you 🙏🏻

Installing The Cherleader

This is amazing. It has totally changed the way I speak to myself and I feel lighter and brighter. I found it very emotional when me and my cheerleader met again. We hugged and it made me feel not so alone. It has almost silenced my inner critic as when critic starts, cheerleader steps in. I wish I had found this year's ago. My life would have been so different. However I feel so lucky to have found this now. I purchased the Access All Areas. It is absolutely amazing and worth every penny. Looking forward to my journey!! Marisa is amazing!!

I am enough

So far looks good


Life-changing! I’ve noticed my thinking and habits are so much more positive and better.

lost 2 kg in 6 days!

Hi Marisa, thank you very much for your audio. in the first 6 days I have lost 2 kg!
I'm very happy. I have three important changes:
first I noticed a very strange sensation: my body space was smaller, it is a beautiful sensation,
the second I was not interest in biscuits any more and the third that my metabolism is getting faster, wow!
wonderfull !
It's really easy and joyfull to get to perfect weight!
I really advice this program. I also partecipate to the 21 days challenge, Another fantastic product.
Many compliments to Marisa!

Really works!

I have done the first 21 days and can feel a real difference. I will continue to listen to it!

Audio for public speaking

I am seeing changes every day. I am not as nervous when speaking in meetings & feel I can talk more confident to other people. Still things I need to work on . Will carry on listening to audio until I feel I need to . Been listening to audio for 3 weeks.

wealth wiring, lovability and self esteem

i’m feeling a lot more confident in myself and hopefully that will show in all aspects of my life

Trying something new

I am open to something new and was willing to give it a try. Too early for me to give a feedback.

Confidence and Esteem

Really powerful and I’m noticing the changes after just a week: more grounded in myself and self assured. Thank you so much 😀

Helped me relax

Tired this and it's really helped me to relax at night. When your conception journey last years and you wonder how much is in the mind, this is a positive reinforcement.

Life Changing

I can't thank you enough Marisa. I have only used a few it I already know that this is the answer I have been looking for. Thank you again.

all hypnosis are awsome and truly amazing.

all hypnosis is awesome and truly amazing.you will see great results in few days.sometimes immediately.

At Long Last

It actually chanfed my emotional eating to non existent from the first listen . And im over 60 , so so had decades of try ing to gain control and failing after a few weeks .


I have to say this is fantastic. It’s changed my mindset. I listen every night, sales calls seem easier and Marisa is calming and brilliant.

It is very relaxing

It is a very relaxing meditation as I fall asleep very quickly (sometimes I can't wait till the end of the audio). Still listening and see what will happen :)

Perfect Weight Forever

I found the program very valuable. Every session I learned something and was able to understand things in a very different way!! I have a lot of tools to use in my journey for weight loss. I liked the hyno session and finding out reasons why I overeat. Thank you for the zoom meeting. Much appreciated. I will continue my weight loss journey. The program was excellent.

Love it

Adding extra content every so often really helps as well......


I’m so glad I’ve stumbled across Marisa because she’s amazing and the content she puts out is different to others and I appreciate that!

Suprisingly effective

I cant recommend this audio enough. I have lifelong high functioning anxiety and i am accustomed to a general undercurrent of unease with periods of elevate anxiety related to circumstances. This audio has dramatically reduced these symptoms and the results were immediately noticeable. Even following a week that normally would have my anxiety high, i remained calm and focussed. It has even improved my sleep. I have only been listening for 2 weeks but already i have seen results. Only wish i had found this sooner.

Another Brilliant Course

I am most pleased with this audio course. I find it and have found it to be incredibly useful. It is yet another brilliant course from Marisa. I have a recommended many of her courses to many family members, friends, coworkers and acquaintances; all with excellent feedback. I have found this course to be empowering and a very useful tool for a successful and happy life.

Life Changing!

I have bee. Doing the training for the last couple of weeks and noticed that my mindset, outlook, perception and habits have changed tremendously. So grateful to Marissa for this work.