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Customer Reviews

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Stick To Your Goals
Kiara Iglesias
Quick results

Definitely quick results, the only bothersome thing for me as someone who falls asleep very very quickly (I always listen to the audios at night due to convenience and because I've heard that you are more receptive in that state and when you drift into sleep)because of the sequence of explanations in the beginning of the audio. Be mindful of listening to it for a sufficient period of time though!

Stop Procrastination
Kiara Iglesias
Already seen results!

I have already seen results after about two weeks! I started to stick to my to-do's and work plans more and was less likely to push things behind. I am only giving 4 stars because of the long sequence of explanations in the beginning of the audio. I am someone who falls asleep super duper quickly (mostly in less then 4 minutes once I am lying on my back) and it was really hard to stay awake long enough for the hypnosis. Still worth a try! I would just definitely listen to it longer than 21 days, I made the mistake to stop shortly after, I am currently listening to another audio but will get back to it as soon as it is possible.

Very good ☺️

Very good 😊

I am Enough

This is the book for everyone. It's a great start to understanding how the mind works, start saying I am Enough multiple times everyday and feeling it too. Thank you!!

I Am Enough
Super rapid results!

I wish I had done this sooner. I've been trying to change a lot of my subconscious paradigms for over two years now through all sorts of techniques and RTT has got to be the fastest and seems like the most lasting too. I'm more relaxed, clear-headed and objective with whatever life has thrown my way. I also feel like I've gotten my self-confidence back and I'm so ready to tackle bigger & better challenges and goals that I've been holding back on.

Wealth Wiring
Sofia Hernández
Lots of changes in my life ♥️

I've worked on my mindset before and work with NLP so I wanted to try this but I must say many abundance has been around me lately and this has to be an explanation, definitely! Love to hearing Marisa Peter's audios!

Love it

Amazing, Short, clear, fast, effective. The one and only Marisa. Thank you for brining me back to me.

Iam Enough

WONDERFUL thank you yes IAM ENOUGH I Love it I listen every day This is a five Star review I say Iam Enough many times every day

Great experience!

I definitely feel a change in attracting the right partner into my life!

Great quality recordings

Those recordings help me to relax! Good quality and a great content!

Confidence & Self Esteem
Kelli Charbonneau
Excellent Therapy

I did this Hypnosis for 21 days, and found it to be very beneficial.

Student Bundle
Encarnacion Lopez Moreno
Student Bundle

Recently completed an exam and I don't know the results as yet however I feel very positive.
I found the audios very helpful and they guided me through every night for a month or so before the exam keeping me calm and centre.
I kept focus and determination the following day and I enjoyed the subject I studied.
Thank you so much.

My sleep has never been better

It absolutely works. I truly never slept deeper and better. Being sensitive to noises always made me wake up multiple times a night, especially people around me snoring, has been a real nightmare for me because I couldn’t stand it. I'm listening to the audio for a little over a month now and it is incredible how good and deep I sleep through the night without waking up. I love it and can highly recommend it ❤️

Great! Love it! It seems that it works.

Hypnotic Weight Control

Best-Seller Bundle
jacqueline ellis


4.5 STARS OUT OF 5 as I am not finished yet..

I am finding wealth wiring and changing your relationship with money very helpful It's fascinating how every day in the hypnosis I hear something new..It makes me feel invigorated to start the day! If you have always wondered why overspending gives one a rush, it is explained perfectly! This nugget is worth the price itself. Doing the hypnosis daily for 21 days does have an incredibly powerful impact. My only suggestion is to make each of the daily actions have a video or more articles instead of every second day having a written short message . The I am enough Module changing your relationship with money is quite stellar and I am only half way through..As for results, I am seeing greater consistency and daily follow through and I am going towards my goals with greater ease and joy and no resistance. If you are on the fence on purchasing this, I definitely recommend buying it and doing it! :)


Even after the first time listening to the tape, i could feel an effect on my self confidence. Negative self talk disappears and i feel much more confident, much better and relaxed about myself. Thank you, Marisa and team!

Wealth Wiring
Tina Green
Wealth wireing

Marisa’s voice is very soothing and relaxing. I thoroughly enjoy the recordings.

Hypnotic Gastric Band
Deborah Blake

This has really helped curb my appetite and fill fuller would recommend thank you

Best-Seller Bundle
Ravikiran Bhat
Best Bundle

This bundle has the right mix of topics that I needed. I really found great value using this Bundle. I am yet to complete 21 days course but so far the journey has been amazing.

Great audio!

I have definitely increased my confidence. Most opportunities I have missed in my life was due to lack of confidence but this time I will succeed thanks to this audio and the abundance challenge, thank you Marisa and her team, you rock!

Sound Sleeper
Amalia T.
It works !

I know Marisa’s work as I purchased her books and other programs.
She never disappoints and I can sleep so much better now!
Looking forward to the next program I will get !

One Thing Leads To Another

What has been changed since I purchased the IAE Module Life Purpose on Mothers Day a month ago?
The first hypnosis brought me many pictures and even more flashbacks on the next days and nights. However, it made confusion, too. As some pictures from hypnosis seemed like memories from photos and not from the unconscious, they didn't come as a big surprise. So I was rather sad as I couldn't take up anything with this knowledge, especially monetizing.
I listened to the audio daily and I absolutely loved the daily action pieces. Sometimes I had had the question already a couple of days in my mind and then came the answer as a video from Marisa.
Still, the most profound change was the call from RTT in-between and I started studying the RTT 2 weeks ago. So this was a form of an answer to the question of life's purpose and meaning. To give freedom and power to myself and to others.
Just some days ago, walking outside, through very many pictures and flashbacks, I suddenly realized that the thing I liked the most as a child was to think out: the games, the solutions to problems (designing the travel-sized paper dolls on the go with a box :)), anything ... How could I forget that? As for me, it was very hard to play after the rules I was told to. I even couldn't draw the picture (or later in the schooltime to write the story) of who I want to be as a grown-up. I just draw a picture on a totally different topic.
As life turned to be such that all the joyful feelings were locked in very tightly, including my voice, during this significant age between the age of 7 and 14, I now have to start unlocking all those things which wait for unleashing.
I am full of hope that even I could through the regressions free myself and feel happy just to say things out aloud. As I began to understand the deeper connections between my voice and any other issues. I need some more time to detect the underlying causes.
So, with the purchase of this IAE module one thing led to another and I am very assured that better things are about to come and a fresh life-cycle will begin.
Thank you very much for this journey so far!

I love the meditations and think they are very good at making us feel great!