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The Perfect Combination

I am very happy I decided to purchase the All-Access-Pass because the combination of different audios has been very beneficial to me! It's been 4 months now and I'm listening to one of Marisa's audios every single day . I've seen a great improvement mainly in the way I see myself... let me explain... I see myself in the mirror and I like what I see, even though I haven't changed anything, I see myself in photos and I say, I look good, while before I was always very judgmental, I'm also more loving and understand towards other people and don't take things personally.
Working on different subjects was very beneficial to me... for example, when I was listening to "Lovability" I saw a great increase in sales and finances too... when I was listening to "Wealth Wiring" didn't see any improvement... that made me understand that to me money=love so I'm more focused on the Love+Relationships audios now... Also "Overcome Anxiety" helped me a lot manage money and relationships better .
One last thing, I noticed that my mind needs 6 weeks (40 days) to better integrate the messages of the audios. So I'm happy I got the All-Access-Pass so I have a lot of time to treat my mind and myself with the best, empowering messages!!!
Marisa, thank you for your work!

Hello Vivian,

Thank you so much for your feedback. It's great that you are listening every day and seeing a difference in all aspects of your life, this is why the All Access Pass is such amazing value for money as you can take your time and really let the self-hypnosis sink in. You also have the chance to try out all of Marisa's audio's to find the one (or many!) that works best for you and you can listen as many times as you like for the duration of your subscription.

It is completely normal for it to take longer than you may have expected as everyone is different, you'll get better results the longer you listen!

Please do reach out if there is anything we can help you with!

Take care!

Very good

I have been listening to this a few times and it really dod help me to calm and realise that I can overcome anxiety feelings by myself and by changing my monologe in my head.

Thank you

Hi Dada,

Thank you for your feedback, this is absolutely amazing to hear! I'm so glad that you are seeing a difference with your anxiety levels after only a few days.

I wish you all the best with the remainder of your journey, please don't hesitate to let us know if you need any help with anything!


Confidence Bundle

Rewiring your brain with Marissa Peer hypnosis has been really useful. It's important to commit and listen every night to get the benefit. I feel more confident already! Thank you!

Hello Louise,

It's so nice to hear of your positive results after listening to the audio's within the Ultimate Confidence Bundle. You're absolutely right, to get the best results, we definitely recommend listening at night time every day for at least 21 days in a row. Listening at night can also help you relax and get a better sleep!

Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything we can help you with.


Love Marisa Peer

Marissa Peer quickly gets to the root of issues. I have used the afraid of flying hypnosis it is a o helpful!! I decided to try the weight loss too. So much of our baggage is in our heads with the old pictures we create and how to retrain our brains to think good thoughts. Thanks Marissa!!

Quit Smoking
Cindy Lee
Still working

I just started listening to the audio because I was in the middle of a another audio . And I thought your advice was to just do one at a time. Having said that I seen to be smoking more because I know I need to quit . And the more I smoke the more upset I get with myself. It gives me anxiety knowing I have to quit and this last week just seems like a vicious cycle. The more I listen to the audio the more anxious I get. Not sure what to do.

Quit Smoking
Chaunte Watford
I finally have success

The audio is clear and precise. After listening at night I fall straight to sleep. I have no desire for a cigarette even if someone is smoking in front of me.

Powerful Immune System Marisa Peer Self Hypnosis

Its amazing I have not felt ill since listening to the recording at night.

Wealth Wiring
Darya Duckworth
Wow- it really works!

I've bought over 20 self help books in the lockdown, all very famous titles recommended by friends and still felt like any changes were only temporary. There was always that inner spring that seemed to snap back somehow and I was at square one.
This was the first self-hypnosis I've tried and the results for me were instant. I felt confident, more 'together' somehow. Sticking to playing the recording daily in the evenings I found I slept so much better too. Having stuck with this now for over 2 weeks I can definitely tell you this works. I'm no longer procrastinating on my ideas, it's fun and easy to try new things and that's had a huge impact on my work at 9-5, I've finally launched my side project. Interestingly, you start seeing opportunities everywhere, suggesting ideas to your friends & family.

Pain-Free Periods
Ana Kordić
Pain Free Period is fabulous

Thank You very much Marisa Peer for making such a fabulous product that helped me for the first time in my lifetime enjoy My Period! The change was almost immediate as I didn't need to take those painkillers as unused to to cope through the day in the past. I would recommend to anyone the Pain Free Period to buy it. An investment worthy and permanent.

I see imrovement

I feel gratitude toward this program, I'm only on my third week of the program and I can see progress with my life. I hope to keep up with it and witness the changes. Thank you

My journal entries are a lot more positive since I began the IAE program

I’ve been keeping a journal for over a year which I write in daily, and since committing to the I Am Enough program, daily journal entries have been both insightful and profound and I've only just completed the first module (You are Enough) over 21 days! What’s obvious to me is that within a short amount of time I’ve been treating myself much much better and I feel confident about myself and my life in general. What I once deemed as unlikely, or would say "things like that don’t happen to me", now seem possible. My belief about myself has softened, the anxiety I once had around others is no longer an issue and I'm more inclined now to make quick decisions followed by action with a lot more ease - no more second guessing myself either - which feels like a thing of the past. I feel strangely ‘different', like I've been upgraded to a more improved version of myself and I seem to act accordingly without much thought or effort. Sometimes I’ll catch myself when I’m in the middle of doing something, and think, I wouldn’t have made that decision so quickly or taken that action before I started this program - I feel like I have more trust in myself. I have wondered whether this new me will expire at some point and this upgrade in attitude and self belief will wear off and I’ll return to my previous self, but I like this version too much and will make sure I keep up the daily recordings. I am so excited and thrilled I came across Marisa’s program and gave it a try. I was seeking change and wasn't sure if a recording could do that, but it’s changing my thinking and my life in ways I wouldn't have imagined and I feel like I am walking into the greatest season of my life. I'm now onto the second module of eight and really looking forward to unlearning old patterns of behaviour and rewiring new ones which serve me. Thank you Marisa!

A new me!

The respect I feel for Marisa is of the utmost, she has forever changed my life with her courses. My first experience was "I am enough" it was life changing and I didn't think anything could come close to giving me the same satisfaction again, I was wrong, this course offered more of the same amazing feelings and transformation add the first only in a different area I needed work. I will forever be grateful to Marisa for giving me a new prospective on life and the confidence to know that I'm just as deserving of happiness as the next person. Thank you! Thank you with all my heart. You've been a life saver!

Overcoming Depression

After staying in doors for almost a year. I started feeling off, stressed and depressed. Am grateful for the grate changes after listening to the audios

Best-Seller Bundle
Carolina Alcantara
Live changing

After using I’ve already changed a lot. I started a new healthy relationship with someone compatible with me. I am loveable! Thank you, Marisa!

Confidence & Self Esteem
Melissa Cadieux
I feel the difference

I loved this audio, in fact I looked forward to listening to it everyday. I felt like the words chosen were personally for me. I can feel the subtle shifts in my day to day life, feeling more confidant in myself with every interaction I have. Thank you!

Quit Smoking
Satwinder Virdee

Great audio

love it so far

Hey, I have started the hypnose sessions, really new to me. I still feel a lot of resistance from my body...sometimes I have to switch the hypnoses off because I get to nervous! But now after a week it starts to work, no result yet but I feel my body changing for the better. So i will continue!

Full access

Don’t buy full access; difficult to get out. Was told buy company I can only “unsubscribe” in October. Have not received adequate answer why.

Life Changing!

A life changing program, worth the investment and listen for an absolute minimum of 21 days!

Significant Impact

Marisa you have helped me tremendously. I hope to see more positive impact down the road.

Great Relaxation

I love Marisa’s work and this meditation does not disappoint. It leaves you feeling great, thank you x

Assess pass to all hynosis

It is expensive but worth investing in the course.

Amazing it will help

This course is now how I start my day, it helps so much thank you

So helpful!

The all access subscription has been fantastic so far. I’ve been listening to a few audios every day. One in the morning and one at night when I go to sleep. I’m focusing on weight loss and have lost about 4 or 5 lbs since I started listening to the audios. The sessions help me stay on track and I’m working on other things as well. I feel the impact and will continue with the same momentum.

I love it!

Thank you very much!