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Perfect pregnancy

Love Marisas voice, the way she helps me getting into my subconciousness. It‘s relaxing and i hope it is working for med very soon🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Highly recommended

I feel so much better about myself after those 6 weeks. I released a lot during regression sessions, I know my worth now and won't settle for less, like I used to before.


This audio puts a smile on my face while listening to it. I haven't experienced anything quite like it. I was stuck on a problem so I took to listening to this. It helped me reframe my thinking. I look forward to listening to it consecutively for at least 21 days to maximize results.

Intalling the Cheerleader

I haven't actually spent enough time with this one yet because I've been doing the lovability meditation from the Bestseller Bundle. I think I've been listening to it every day for maybe a week. I shouldn't have bought so many of these things all at once but I need them all, haha. Thank you, I really like them and feel pretty good after listening to them. I'm sure it will only get better as time goes on. Have a great day!


The suggestions are excellent for healthy weight loss and lifestyle :)

Quit smoking!!

I’m not even sure what lead me to this audio, but after listening to the quit smoking hypnosis, I found myself coming up with a plan of action. I decided that my pack current pack of cigarettes would be my last and I simply didn’t buy anymore. I’ve certainly tried quitting many times, but never lasted this long. It’s been over 2 months and I honestly couldn’t even imagine smoking again. This hypnosis must have changed something deep down because I’m just done smoking. Not sure how else to describe it. I’ll be purchasing more of these audios!

Memory and concentration

I am taking English lit at university. I am 64 and haven’t been at school for nearly half a century. When I first saw Marisa on line I thought, I’m going to give that a go. Guess what? It really has helped. Thanks Marisa x Joy

Things can’t be said in a human language_

I wouldn’t say I changed in one day, I experienced a huge change after my first audio hypnotise « I m enough », since i m progressing very fast. Marisa is one of these light workers that the Universe put here to help us to life up. I want to hug you, Marisa, when I meet you in person. Can I?

Perfect Weight Forever

I’m really enjoying the hypnosis CD’s. I’m noticing It is easier to say no to disstructive eating behavior. I can say no to chocolate without a struggle. The only real desire is bread but I have confidence that too will dissipate.

Love it :)

I absolutely love this, it has help me so much in letting go of past traumas


I have not been particularly overweight in my life, but have struggled to stay the way I'd like to be, with addiction and patterns of overeating and emotional eating and fasting. I have not really been friends with my body, most of my life. I realize that now - on a deep level.

This course taught me how to deal with all that and has given me fabulous support, kept me inspired and I am enjoying the process in harmony!

In just about two weeks all cellulites are gone, and a few cm around waist and stomach vanished, and that while I can still enjoy myself, eat well and also have some carbohydrates. Skin is getting better, and I feel energized. More focused, and smooth. I am amazed and further motivated!

I still eat some sweets and carbohydrate-rich food occasionally, and I can sense how the addiction works on me, but I feel a complete different distance to the "food" (crap) I used to love, and am becoming more and more selective about all types of food. These days I can go for hours of focus without anything to eat, and be satisfied with just a cup of coffee or water. That is just wonderful!

The program teaches the skill that the successful participants in the Marshmallow test had; a skill so sought after and valuable in life!. It takes good knowledge and deep insight to grasp your problems in this area, and to let go of them. From this course, I got that. This is invaluable to me!
A sincere Thank You.

I am enough

This is the missing link i was surching for. They are put very wel together. I did more than one at a time because for me i got stuck in my proces and when i did another one at the time i came further in my learning proces. Before this i had done more things to grow but i missed the key to transform again in myself. Now i notice that feeling quilty is a lot less i take better care of myself. People who try to manipulate me i can resist better. And i spend alot of time in myself to do all wats required for every module i love the result. It feels like my ticket to my freedom.

Perfect words

I find the way Marissa speaks very soothing, sometimes I fall asleep but I just like to listen to relax before sleep. It does seem to be just there in my mind and I’m not going to question it as seems too good to be true but so far so good!! Used alongside other quit lit and podcasts. Very good. Worth the money.



Absolutely Fantastic

I never expected these kinds of results. I lost 5 pounds the first week! And I kept dropping the weight afterwards. It felt effortless. I listened to the recording every night. I was no longer craving food in between meals and I was able to reduce my portions. I also wanted to exercise every day!!!

Glad with the program

I have listen to all the audios and I'm glad with the program.... dont know yet if the hypnotherapy will work but the good thing is that I'm watching the things I put in my mouth

Great Course

Fantastic course, really helpful!

Looking at yourself in a different light

I have been listening to the "Lovability" audio for a few days now and I can report that I notice a shift already. I am way more gentle and caring with myself and my words/thoughts are much more supportive as well.

It has only been a few days - but I find it remarkable already.

Excellent Customer Service


Have only listened twice so far so need more time to offer full assessment. One thing I love is that I hear new words/ideas each time which I swear weren't there the last time!! It's like having multiple audios for the price of one. Love you, Marisa!

Loving "Lovability" from Marisa Peer audio store

This experience both calms and strengthens. "And my voice goes with you...." is so fittingly true. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you.

left Bread and sweets

I left a bag of sweets after only a two I have never did that in my life. I also did not eat or buy bread this week at all. The first week I put bread on my plate and then forgot to eat it a few times. So the change is quick I listen to the adios every night last thing and first thing in the morning I have arranged to waken an hour early in the morning which is another welcome change. these adios are really grate for change to take place so quick Thank You I love them.

The Cheerleader 📣

Great way to improve your mindset 😃

Excellent Audios

I found there is a lot of variety here to listen to and the books are even better to go along with it so you have a choice. Straight away I started to feel different about food and wanted to choose differently. I’ve lost 5lbs so far I’m so pleased.