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I Am Enough
Tiani Perkins
Absolutely Magical!!

This has by FAR been the best money I have ever spent on ANYTHING in my entire life. I can't think of a single other purchase that I've ever made that turned out to bring me more joy and purpose to my life!

I started the 'I Am Enough' program 22 days ago. I decided to immediately unlock the "I Am Enough" hypnosis, since according to Marisa, this is the root of most of our issues anyways. I also paired it with the "Free Yourself From Anxiety and Depression" from the bonus tracks that came with the bundle. I liked doing the Anxiety one in the mornings because it felt more upbeat and energetic. It always made me want to go take over the world! Hahaha. And I would fall asleep to the "I Am Enough" at night.

Halfway through the first 21 days, I started riding my bike for the first time in YEARS! I literally haven't exercised in years, but have been trying motivate myself to for a really long time. I started riding my bike, and haven't stopped! Every day I get outside and ride! It's been amazing! My overall confidence has skyrocketed also! I don't over think almost anything anymore. If I make a mistake, I just look at it as a learning lesson or another opportunity opening for me, as opposed to the internal dialogue that I used to have with myself, "You always mess everything up. What made you think you could do this? You're bound to screw this up at some point. There are 20 year olds doing WAY more with their lives than you..."

Not once have any of those thoughts crept back into my mind! I signed up for the RTT Training a few weeks ago. So, now that I finished the first 21 days, I decided to unlock the "Secrets of Successful People" hypnosis. I was really tempted to try to unlock the Wealth Wiring one, but I decided that once I reprogrammed my mind to have the habits of highly successful people innately, that my mind would more easily accept the idea that I truly do deserve the wealth/financial abundance that I desire to have. I will also be pairing it with the Memory and Concentration hypnosis, to aid me in becoming the best RTT student I can be.

Please do yourself a favor and purchase ANY of these hypnosis programs! The results are real. They are permanent. And they are EASY!!! Marisa even makes sure to add as part of the hypnosis, "You enjoy listening to this recording...you listen to it everyday, because it makes you so happy to listen to it..." to ensure that your mind simply WANTS to listen to it everyday. That makes it very easy to listen to each night. Because it's almost like a little treat that you get to help yourself to. I've had the tendency to quit other programs in the past, partway through, because I don't see results fast enough, and it feels like too much effort to make myself do it each night. But not with this program! With these, I honestly wish I could quit doing EVERYTHING else and just hypnotize myself all day everyday!!!!!! Hahaha

I feel so empowered now, and ready to continue my personal development! I just wish I could make everyone try this. So if you have the chance, please purchase even just one of these audios...but I'd definitely recommend the entire I Am Enough series. Because it's been absolutely magical so far!!! Can't wait to see what my life looks like at the end of the program!

Kimberly Archuleta
It works!

I got pregnant in 3 months using her hypnosis daily (I only had sex once and that’s when we got pregnant). I pushed this hypothesis on to my gf’s and 7 women have gotten pregnant as well!

En Español por favor

Realmente son muy buenos los audios, pero no existen todos los títulos en Español , ojalá consideren éste y los de pérdida de peso traducirlos

Hola Paty,

Gracias por tus comentarios.

Esperamos tener más audios en español en el futuro.

Si desea que le sugieramos otros audios en español, envíe un correo electrónico a support@marisapeer.com y estaremos encantados de ayudarle.


Equipo Marisa

Overcome Jealousy
Shaunda Cauley
Please fix audio issue

I love Marisa Peer audios, generally.

But as another reviewer mentioned, there is BIG and distracting audio issue in the middle of it. That can likely easily be edited out.

I’m not sure how long ago the previous request was made. But this is here as a reminder to please do this.

I will happily update or remove this review as the issue is resolved.

Hello Shauna,

Thank you for your feedback on the Overcome Jealousy audio.

This has indeed been previously raised with our technical team. I will ask them to look into having the audio updated as soon as possible.

We're very sorry for any disappointment caused and want to thank you for your patience.

Many thanks,

I can do it

I love it but what if
I don't want to do this


We would love to help you, but could you please provide some additional information so we can advise?

If you have any questions, you could also email support@marisapeer.com and we would be more than happy to assist.

Kind regards,

Team Marisa

Deep body relaxation - with an unintended side effect

I’ve got a couple of different health issues resulting from tension/stress being stored in two parts of my body, so I bought this audio to try to help myself relax. So far it is one of my favorite hypnosis audios and is definitely the most relaxing one out of the ones I’ve purchased.

Yesterday when I was listening to it, I heard a sudden loud sound and felt a vibration under my bedsheets. It took me a moment to realize that I was the source of the sound; I was so deeply relaxed that I had involuntarily passed gas. I didn’t even know I needed to. I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen in my life. I am taking it as a good sign and don’t mind at all that I scared myself with my own flatulence like a dog!

I think this will be my top audio to come back to every time I need to relax.

Hi Kirsty,

We're very glad to hear you are noticing changes from listening to the audio and want to thank you for the kind feedback!

Sometimes our bodies find different ways of letting go of tension and trapped emotions, so it's nothing to worry about.

I hope you continue to see changes and positive effects from listening to the audio.

Best regards,

Marisa Peer Team

Los audios son en español

Hola Henry,

Gracias por tu reseña.

¡Nos alegra que estés disfrutando de los audios en español!


Marisa Peer Team

Having A Powerful Orgasm
Por favor deseo poder escucharlo en mi idioma espanol.
urgente colocar audio en espanol

Por favor colocar el audio en espanol, gracias.


Gracias por contactarte. Lamentablemente, este audio no está disponible en español en este momento. Sin embargo, tenemos otros que han sido traducidos y puedes encontrarlos aquí: https://shop-es.marisapeer.com/

Los mejores deseos,
Equipo de pares de Marisa

Why is it so difficult to cancel the monthly membership?

Hi team, I didn't benefit from these audios and would like to cancel. Why is it so difficult to find the actual login page and cancel? Definitely, not user-friendly and I'd recommend making some changes. Can someone from your team please can get back to me, so I can finally cancel without wasting 30 minutes of my time searching for the right login.


Hi Manu,

I'm sorry that you have had difficulty cancelling your All Access Pass. I'm reaching out via email to help with this further.

Best wishes,
Marisa Peer Team

Stop Your Addictive Eating
Thanks for the sample I have just been playing it over and over meditating and it’s helping.
Heathly foods

Thanks for the short hypnosis about food even though it’s a sample I listen to it over and over again it’s wonderful. Thank you

That's great to hear. I'm glad that you are enjoying your audio!

Best wishes,

Marisa Peer Team

Nice audio sample of the course

Nice audio sample of the course

Thank you so much for your feedback, Andre. I'm glad that you are enjoying your audio!

Best wishes,
Marisa Peer Team

Having Trouble Updating Credit Card Information

I have had an All-Access pass for a month and I love all the great audios. I listen to one before bed, and one in the morning. The meditations and hypnotherapy audios are all great. My one small complaint is that my credit card was recently compromised and it's frustrating trying to figure out how to update my credit card information. For the past two days, I've been locked out of the library and I've spent half an hour trying to figure out how to update my credit card information. When I go to my account information, it only shows me my email address and the history of audios that I've listened to. There's no online chat for customer service and no easy way to reach customer service. So that's been frustrating. Otherwise, I give the products themselves 5 stars!

Hi Lisa,
Thank you for your review.
It's great that you are enjoying and connecting with the audios and meditations.

If you need any assistance with your All Access Pass, you can always contact support@marisapeer.com or you should find the chat widget in the bottom right hand corner on the shop front page.

I believe someone has been touch but please don't hesitate to reach if you need anything else.

Kind regards,


This is a brilliant audio. I have a speech impediment and the audio greatly improved the way I speak. I had a significant interview and it was important to me to be as fluent as possible. I listened to the audio every night for a month before sleeping and I let it on while sleeping too (it is on a loop). Amazingly, though I did mention the stammer beforehand, I could speak nearly without stammering at my interview.
I think it works on your self-confidence too. I still listen to it at least once every four or five weeks, otherwise, I feel the effects are waning. but it might be just me needing the reassurance of the audio.
If you have a fear of speaking in a meeting, not just public speaking, then I highly recommend Overcome of Public Speaking.
As a matter of fact, I recommend all Marisa's audios and mini courses. I have a few and they are all wonderful and beneficial.

I Am Enough
Володимир Боруцкий



I felt like this specific module maybe didn’t address the cause of my not feeling enough/confident but yet, the rewiring hypnosis audio was helpful.

Audio is different in the paid access section

I’m a huge fan of Marissa’s work and was so looking forward to this one. I listened to the audio sample beforehand, however it is different to the one available in the library. The ones in the library are without music and the NICER meditation, but no hypnosis with music. I’m sure that this is just an upload error, it would be great if you could please add the one with music that is used as a sample here on this page as it seems to exist already.

Organized my 4K Sqft Home in 2 Weeks!

I have a large home (5 bedroom, 6 bathroom) and small kids. Once a year I do a spring cleaning and it usually takes 2 months. With this hypnosis is did it all - AND MORE THOROUGHLY in 2 weeks! It also made me get organized about meal planning which was not my intention for listening to it, but it did make me more organized in general. LOVE MARISA.

Let Go Of Grudges
Very helpful - highly recomend!

This module really helped me feel at peace. I did it every day for 4 weeks, it did change the way I felt about everything else and how I reacted to people's actions towards me. And I use this module every time i feel like i might be going back to the same path that was before and instant put me at peace again. I highly recommend it if you are looking to let go of hurt of the past.

Perfect Weight Forever

Siento la obligación de compartir mi experiencia, ya que en una sola mañana he llegado a un estado de transformación que no he conseguido en 20 años!!! Tras la Hipnosis de la causa raiz sólo puedo decir OHHH MY GOD THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!! He entendido todo!!! Mi energía y sentir hacia la comida ha cambiado por completo, entré en un super a comprar y por primera vez no compré ni con antojo, ni con ansiedad ni culabilidad, he comprado fruta y verdura CON UN AMOR Y GANAS Y ELECCIÓN Y SOBRETODO PAZ que al salir no podía parar de llorar de la alegría. Me ha dado confianza, seguridad,,felicidad bufff GOZO!!
El entender de dónde viene todo, te cambia por completo la percepción de la comida,y por lo menos a mi me ha dado el control absoluto de poder elegir que comer sin ansiedad alguna es lo que SIEMPRE HE DESEADO, sabiendo ya de antemano que hay ciertas pautas de comida a seguir para amar tu cuerpo al máximo, las cuales Marisa también explica MUY MUY BIEN.
SIENTO INCLUSO QUE EL DINERO INVERTIDO HA SIDO UN REGALO DE LOS GRANDES, es cómo si me hubieran dado regalos por 50 navidades juntas!!!
Mil bendiciones para Marisa y todo su equipo, os deseo que os retorne multiplicado por 1000 en lo que desees cada uno de vosotros!!
POR FAVOR SI ALGUIEN ESTÁ DUDANDO POR EL DINERO O SI FUNCIONA OS DIGO que si hubiera sabido el resultado y el sentir de antemano y me dicen que son 7,000€ PIDO HASTA UN PRÉSTAMO CON LOS OJOS CERRADOS….
Os pondría más estrellas pero no me deja ;)
Lots of love to all of you, and cannot explain how greatfull I feel.Bless you all!!✨

Stop Procrastination
Philip gallier

This is the gold standard of hypnosis- it has changed my life as doing more things now! The best way to look at it is you have a world class hypnotherapy on tap 24/7- how much would that cost you?
The audio is the best I have heard and is fanastic.

Quit Smoking
Quit smoking - it works

i played this twice a day - once first thing in the morning with my head phones in and in the back ground at night while going to sleep.
took a few days to work. i have been smoke free - for 2 months. don't even think about smoking. so happy with the results. would highly recommend this or any other of Marissa Peers RTT therapy's.

Have a better sex life

Hi marisa, I will have to buy this audio tomorrow because I only have £50 on my card so I will make a transfer from my savings. I only got this on my card because I wanted to pay £37 to the guy who I chatted with about RTT on Friday for a discount rate for turning up for our telephone chat. Do you have an email I can write to you about Friday, he mentioned something about cognitive therapy. I had a therapist for this for one year after my Mother committed suicide but that's over 20 years ago now but the guy kept on rushing me so he could get everything said he needed to say, to be honest I am surprised he even recommended any course atall

Quit Smoking
Stop smoking hypnotherapy

I listen to the audio and i' m so disappointed. It didn't work.
How is it possible ?


Hi, not actually a review. I would like to buy a CD bundle. Especially interested in Sleep.
Is this available. Im in Australia. What is the price ? thank you


Love is best