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I really love this recording. I do it before bed and it makes me feel great.

Love it

I still listening and it has help me a lot

Love the sessions. They really do bring about rapid change.

Anger management has helped me feel calmer, and weight control has helped me lose 4 lbs this week with no effort or discomfort :) I have compiled a to-do list of all the others that look interesting and can't wait to get started on them!

Temporary elation.

Worked for a while then the (sugar) addiction got revenge. Permanent change of biochemistry through hypnosis is impossible. As a hypnotist I can guarantee that you’ll get three or four weeks at most.


An excellent hypothesis Medidation it has really made a significant difference in my life, thank you so much Marisa Peer your one amazing lady.

So grateful

These sessions have been life changing and are apart of my evening ritual. I love getting into bed with my hypnosis. Excited about it actually. Things are shifting so much. So grateful. Worth every penny.

Love this Bundle

Powerful, fast, and effective! I started with Lovability and attract the perfect relationship my boyfriend and family have made comments that they notice a positive change in me. I can't wait to try more of her hypnosis audios and meditations.

the info gets deeply in your heart

this audio is great, the energy that you feel is: well grounded, very present, very kind; unfortunatly there ist one thing that I didn't like. I had a mean mother and the 2 sequences you talk about being in the womb of my mother lead to stop the hypnosis because it irritated me very much

I really recomend it!

I am really happy with the audio. At first i wasn't really sure about what to expect, but after listening to it every day i can notice positive changes, i feel more confident and and at the same time relaxed when i talk to people. What Marisa says in the audio make me feel really good about myself.

Thanks for a wonderful audio

Having stage four bowel cancer and 46 years of age, I really needed the support that Marisa's audio gave me. It gives me hope and I truly believe it is helping me in my treatment to get rid of cancer from my body.

Highly recommended and I am so grateful.

Life Changing Audio hypnosis

Marisa’s products are ground breaking.
I have only been doing the work daily for less than 2 weeks —- it is said you neec 21 days to ingrain a new habit—- but I feel a change already.

I unhesitatingly recommend any product from Marisa Peer

Am loving it :)

I bought this bundle because it addresses many of the areas in which I would love to see some change in my own life. I’m going through the different hypnosis one at a time, because I have been told that the best results come from listening to one hypnosis for at least 21 days in a row. So that is what I am doing, and although I cannot say yet, whether I notice a big difference or improvement (I haven’t done them long enough yet), I can say that I notice a difference before and after a session - I am usually a lot more relaxed and feeling calm afterwards. And the more I do them, and the better I am left feeling, the easier it gets to open up to the sessions, which then seems to double the effect.
This is a very interesting and helpful journey and I am very grateful for this possibility to try hypnosis.

Public Speaking

I've been listening to Speaking in public hypnosis for a week now and noticed a sense of calm and ease when speaking with people. Fear and insecurity about giving presentations in front of groups of people has been keeping me stuck in my business. Now I have a new sense of confidence and planning my talk in upcoming weeks. Every day I look forward to hypnotise myself to Marisa's hypnoses. They are truly transformational

Five stars. An excellent and highly inspiring and effective tool of hypnosis for reprogramming one's subconscious mind.

Confidence & Self Esteem


helpful in changing your mindset

Dating and relationship bundle

The confidence recording finishes weird and loud and always make me jump!

Loving it

I had been practicing the weight control and gastric band daily. I was concerned that within the few minutes I am usually in fast sleep but your team member assured me it was fine. Thank you, EJ. ...i am noticing slight changes in my appetite or rather the lack of it. It is too early but I am excited.

Unfortunately the sample of Marisa's talk cut's off after the 2nd sentence.

Audio bundle

Such a fantastic experience each time I listen, very grateful to have come across the bundle when I did!

The best gift I have given myself

I started noticing a change 2-3 days after starting listening to the audio. I feel so much more confident at work and that confidence is showing in my results. These short time results motivated me to listen to the audio every night and see even better results with time. Thanks Marisa!!!

Help to overcome porno addiction

Hello Marisa Peer.
I am addicted to view porn as a daily routine.
Everyday i need to seek a new video with another girl, because i cannot be satisfied with a beauty of just one girl, in my fanstasies about a relationship with girl's i wish to have more than just one girl, but i feel i cannot be truely honest about i really want when i am talking with girl's.
Pornoculture is in my brain since i was 6 or 7 years old because my father and grandfather watch it everyday...
How can i get rid of this and living a real world relationship with girl's?

Stick To Your Goals

I really like it, I have bought various of her audios and I love every single one of them, I can see the differences


I love them! The ones I’ve done so far are the self confidence and the loveable one. I’m soooo much stronger and confident. I’m not even a year out from a divorce from a narcissist. And I could’ve found Marissa‘s work any sooner, I mean it was perfect timing. I see that anybody out there that hasn’t tried these it’s really worth it it really is. I often think how much I spend on fishing because I love to fish and I look at the prices of the things I need to make me me again to make me stronger then I’ve ever been before. and we need to remember that we are worth all the money in the world. I love myself I have for quite a while now, but every day I still say without reminders I am enough, I have always been enough, I always will be enough. I am loved, I’ve always been loved, I was will be loved. Thank you Marisa Peer! From the bottom of my hear and I have a huge heart. Really, I hope I have the Pleasure of meeting you one day. Thank you for being the person that’s willing to go out and take the risk and change the world as we know it. You know the world always looking for a quick fix we always are the quicker the better. Also I want a true quickfix I think they need to start doing these meditations Hipnosis.

Best Seller Bundle is The Best

I love Marisa's Youtube's and FB posts so thought I'd order some stuff. I love the Lovability hypnosis and listen to it at night a lot. I do wish Marisa would speak slower and maybe take longer to get into hypnosis? I feel like I'm not there yet. But I'll keep trying!