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I recently found out that my husband of 6 years had been cheating on me since before we were engaged. Listening to this audio after hearing something that was a threat to my sense of lovability has helped me to cope with this news tremendously. Instead of feeling down and rejected, I've gained the confidence and self-love to start the divorce process, and I know without a doubt that I will find a much better relationship because I am loveable.

Comfortable & Calming

I have really enjoyed this audio. When listening to it at night, I find myself in a very calming state and feel at ease while listening to the audio.

I am so grateful

...to have this audio! I just sit and study without procrastination. Finally l am acting as l always wanted. I have exams next week and l can't wait them!


My changes were pretty much straight away. I'm liking how it works.

Feel the difference

The program is such a fantastic opportunity to make changes in my mind. I practice most of days, with different topics, building confidence, improve my memory gradually. And other topics that I love to listen on a daily basis. Fantastic program.
Thank you

This Works

My anxiety has been off the scale for 20 years. I have every self-help book and have spent a great deal seeing an hypnotherapist with no marked improvement.

Marisa Peers many YouTube videos convinced me to try the Overcoming Anxiety Hypnosis. She to me was likeable, believable and credible.

After just one day I felt 'lighter'. I am two weeks in and feel so much better. It does take work though, its not a magic bullet. Audience participation is required. I feel like a new me. So very pleased I found this audio.

I do have a criticism. Although it has not stopped me giving five stars! I wish there was a longer introduction to the audio. Another 30 seconds to get comfortable etc would for me be much better. Also the sound on the audio goes up and down and sometimes fades. The odd word for me is too loud. Perhaps this is deliberate?

My next audio will be Deep Sleep. Although I am sleeping better since listening to the Overcoming Anxiety audio - an added bonus.

Thank you Marisa. Good luck everyone.



I listen to it whenever I feel lonely. Its beautiful❤

Confidence and Selfesteem

After about 2 weeks of listening to the audio I noticed little changes in my behavior in the world out there or maybe in my perception. My heart doesn't pound as much as before when meeting people. I'll be continuing listening to the audio every night

My preferred one

How Marisa express in this audio is the best, better than other audios in my opinion.

Incredible Motivation

This audio is really motivating me to take action and steps towards acquiring the wealth I desire, I have no doubt that with continued use I will achieve the results I want.

Subtle but exciting changes

I cannot share the specific details but the course opened a deadlock in my career through a person who was not willing to cooperate.

Meditation Bundle

Marisa's meditations are of the highest quality, and are so effective, i really recommend them

Powerful! Really powerful!

I was skeptical at first about the hypnosis audios. But I was in the midst of one of Marisa’s courses and thought I’d give it a try.

These audios were way beyond my expectation. These audios get me deep into hypnosis and after only a few weeks of using them, myself and people around me are seeing massive changes!

So grateful to have found Marisa’s audios!

mấy tháng nay tôi chưa nhận được số thẻ nào thì tôi mau được gi mà cứ bắt tôi thanh toán

Overcome anxiety

I really enjoyed your audio I listen to it every day I wish there was an audio on fear created anxiety the fear of COVID


Marisa’s words and voice relaxes me, engages me, and allows me to let go and let the subconscious soak in. Thank you!

Confidence and Self esteem

I love this. I think of it as a way to build self esteem subconsciously and it really works/helps.

Loving having these at my fingertips!

Really enjoying the freedom and selection! Thank you👏🏼🙂

Confidence and Self Esteem

I have noticed the fact that I feel more comfortable as far as embracing the season I’m in in my life even if it’s not ideal. I am starting to love myself like I have never known how to before. I am excited about this transformation I can honestly say I have needed this for a long time and now that I know it’s an option I’m ready for sure!

Wealth Wiring

I am discovering things.

Weight loss review

Marisa is great as always. I found the recommendations about what to eat (almost no carbs actually) a bit too “unilateral” as there are many ways to diet and what is good for someone is not always ideal for someone else. That would be my only “criticism”. Thanks a lot for everything I enjoyed the program and I am still in the process of listening to the hypnosis audios - I feel like I am making progress one day at a time :-)

Really good

Thanks, Marisa! I love your work.
God bless you

Perfect deep unbroken sleep

Hello, I am listening the audio ever since I bought it and it helpes me a lot with my sleep. I enjoy my sleep very much,it is very deep, I rarely wake up in the middle of the night. And if I do, I fall asleep again. I am very happy and satisfied. Thank you very much, regards Ana Kudrnovsky


Honestly Amazing

I absolutely love you, all I can say is thank you so much, the audios are life changing, after only 15 days of listening I noticed that in conversations with people I would be saying things from the audios with firm belief in what I was saying. My thoughts started mirroring the suggestions in the hypnosis audios after about 15 days and I can literally feel myself transforming. I'm starting to effortlessly think positive and I've been springing into action when I always used to procrastinate and be stuck in fear. I also kicked a really bad marijuana and nicotine addiction that I felt helpless to.

Things are coming together in my life beautifully, I feel happier then ever, abundance is flowing my way in massive quantities, I went viral on tiktok and became famous, anyone who's reading this SPEND THE FREAKING MONEY the price on this is not even close to the value it provides. Once you truly understand the power of the subconscious mind you'll understand my words, thank you very much for this value you've provided and I'm looking forward to sharing my value the world aswell to make a positive difference and be compensated appropriately for my the value I provide.