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Attract Your Perfect Relationship

Attract Your Perfect Relationship

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Course Overview

Marisa Peer's "Attract Your Perfect Relationship" audio course helps you to transform yourself from within, so you can focus on attracting and maintaining a loving and lasting relationship.

The audio course will rewire your mind to attract love and fulfilling relationships, and help you to exude an aura of lovability and confidence. We all want to have love in our lives and this audio will help you to focus on finding that love.

If you want to have a fantastic relationship with someone who is worth being with, you have to feel like you are worth it too. This comprehensive hypnosis audio course will help you to recognize that you deserve your perfect relationship, and help you realize the steps to get there.

People start to experience results within the first 21 days, so be sure to listen to the audio every day for it to have the maximum effect.

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How will this course help me?

This audio course will help you to rewire your mind to attract love. You will exude an aura of loveability, and be able to attract lasting and fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life. If you want to have a fantastic relationship with someone who is worth being with, you have to feel like you are worth it too.

What does this course entail? 

This course includes a comprehensive audio hypnosis session where Marisa Peer, creator of Rapid Transformational Therapy and the UK’s #1 Therapist will guide into hypnosis to transform your mind and thinking from within. You will be able to download this audio track as an MP3 file should you wish, or stream from the member’s area.

How will I get access to the course? 

Your course details are sent to your email address immediately after purchase. They will be sent to the same email as you used to complete your purchase. You will then be able to log into your course in the Marisa Peer members area where you can either listen to the audio course online or download the MP3 track. If you have already purchased another Marisa Peer audio then this download will be added to your member’s area.

Attract Your Perfect Relationship Audio Sample

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Customer Reviews

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Strongly Recommend

This is a truly beautiful audio that restores inner confidence and reinstills the importance of self love. It has helped me so much and can feel and see such a positive difference in my life - thank you Marissa, you are amazing xx

I like it

I like it but so far no results for me.

Attract a Your Perfect Relationship

I’ve only listened once so far but will be listening again tomorrow. I felt uplifted and more positive as soon as the hypnosis was over.

‘Freedom from Drugs’ Audio

I used this audio to help
wean off antidepressants. Was such a horrible hard thing to go through, and this track gave me
the mental
strength i needed to keep going


i am going to give you Five stars, because i absolutely love your work,Marisa. and your audios are incredible. But this particulare one is my least favorite, because for me it is too general. There were not many powerful beliefs included ( which i am most excited about when listening to your recordings). I absolutely love when there are powerful words and affirmations and beliefs included almost all the way through. It's still incredible, but a little bit too general for me. Thank you for your incredible work. I still love it and listen to it!