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Free Yourself From Depression

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Marisa Peer's "Freedom From Depression" audio course will help you to free yourself from depression and restores a belief and certainty that you are good enough exactly as you are.

Using direct suggestions and commands, this hypnotic audio course will transform your mindset from within and will teach you to use the power of your mind to live a happy, fulfilled life. When you are free from depression you feel confident, loveable, motivated and fulfilled.

People start to experience results within the first 21 days, so make sure you listen to the audio each day for it to have the maximum effect.

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Customer Reviews

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Feeling Much Better

I recommend "Free Yourself from depression.Its hard to describe but I feel good on the "inside".My attitude to daily life has changed.I am a lot more positive and kicking some goals.THANK YOU Marisa.

Changing habits

I was surprised to find this audio contains a lot of programming our minds with practical habits that can help make us healthier and more connected to life. I have been struggling to do the things that I know are good for me and I hope this audio can help. I haven't had the chance to use it a lot yet and see results, but I look forward to using it more :)

Discovering life again

I suffered with depression during my past eight years and that paralyzed me in all aspects of my life. Psychiatrist and doctors always made me feel there was something wrong with me or my personality. Which your course I discovered a new way to deal with my depression and solve it in an efficient way and with a positive sense.


Everyone of the recording that I have purchased has been Great and has been transforming. Thank You!

Fantastic. I love it.

I have listened to this audio several times a week for about a month. I usually listen in the bathtub. It is very relaxing. Part of the audio trains your mind to feel peaceful, calm and relaxed while hearing birdsong, visualising yourself out in nature, visualising the beach or ocean, or smelling different scents. I have used these cues and it works. It always brings me into a peaceful "in the now" feeling and takes me out of worrying about the future. I feel contentment more often on a daily basis. I will continue to use it often. I love it. Thank you!