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Installing The Cheerleader

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Every successful person Marisa has worked with has had this in common: their mind cheered them on so effectively and so consistently that it blocked rejection. Negative, harsh, critical words simply did not permeate them.

You were born with a mind that cheered for you, that motivated you and believed in you. Today, you can get that back. Reactivate your inner cheerleader and watch your life improve in so many ways. Your mind is your cheerleader and your ally.

Marisa Peer’s “Installing The Cheerleader” video and audio course is a comprehensive three-module course totalling over 90-minutes of teaching and hypnosis from the UK’s #Therapist, Marisa Peer. You will also receive a specially-recorded “Installing The Cheerleader” MP3 hypnosis download, allowing you to continue your learnings and carry your inner cheerleader around with you. 

For the best results, it is recommended that you listen to the audio for at least 21 days. Unlock “Installing The Cheerleader” today to learn how to make your mind cheer for you again, and instil a sense of phenomenal self-belief.

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Customer Reviews

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This audio puts a smile on my face while listening to it. I haven't experienced anything quite like it. I was stuck on a problem so I took to listening to this. It helped me reframe my thinking. I look forward to listening to it consecutively for at least 21 days to maximize results.

Intalling the Cheerleader

I haven't actually spent enough time with this one yet because I've been doing the lovability meditation from the Bestseller Bundle. I think I've been listening to it every day for maybe a week. I shouldn't have bought so many of these things all at once but I need them all, haha. Thank you, I really like them and feel pretty good after listening to them. I'm sure it will only get better as time goes on. Have a great day!

The Cheerleader 📣

Great way to improve your mindset 😃

extremely supportive!

the cheerleader