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Many of us have an issue with low self-worth that goes back to thinking that we’re not loveable . This recording helps you not just to know you’re loveable, but to feel it to such an extent that other people will sense it too (lovability).

The feeling of believing we are not lovable or not loveable enough affects everything that we do—our jobs, our relationships, and our opinion of ourselves. This recording helps you not just to know to increase your lovability, but to feel it to such an extent that other people will sense it too.*

The result is that when we are loveable, we are able to do more and achieve more in every area of our lives. When we know we are loveable we give and receive love more easily and our lives are happier.

This recording allows you to know, to feel and to believe you are lovable so that you exude it and others feel it.*

Listen to an audio sample of the course below!

Customer Reviews

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Love it :)

I absolutely love this, it has help me so much in letting go of past traumas

Looking at yourself in a different light

I have been listening to the "Lovability" audio for a few days now and I can report that I notice a shift already. I am way more gentle and caring with myself and my words/thoughts are much more supportive as well.

It has only been a few days - but I find it remarkable already.

Loving "Lovability" from Marisa Peer audio store

This experience both calms and strengthens. "And my voice goes with you...." is so fittingly true. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you.



This is one of my favourite audios ever!

When I started working with Marisa Peer's programs I realised one of my big core wounds was feeling unlovable, so I bought this audio. I love the way it is structured and I find the music really impactful on my mood as well. When I listen to it I feel relaxed and open and ready to embrace all the love in my life that I would probably have shut out previously. It has had a massive impact on my life!