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Having A Powerful Orgasm

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The ability to orgasm begins in the mind and you can use your mind to be wonderfully orgasmic. Studies show that orgasms are powerfully health-enhancing as they decrease cortisol and lower inflammation. Orgasms help the production of NK cells that fight illness, they also decrease depression and slow down ageing. You can look younger, live longer, sleep better and be more content and less stressed by conditioning your mind and body to easily orgasm. 

This audio will program your mind to say yes to a powerful orgasmic response and once the mind says yes, your body will too.

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Customer Reviews

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Love it!

I was sceptical wondering how this meditation was supposed to help me. I've had this body for over 30 years and well I thought it's just the way it is maybe not everyone is going to have orgasms and that's fine or that pain after is normal. O.K the first week was nothing new but I did feel deep peaceful relaxation after listening to the audio. Week two and well it happened I felt...horny...for the first time in forever decided to have some fun with myself and orgasmed three times! Afterwards, I felt this deep sense of peace that lasted for hours that day and I had no pain and you know what it's been that way every time I masturbate now the deep inner peace afterwards is wonderful and completely unexpected. Love it!

Opens my eyes

It took me to the next level of my relationship

Great audio

If you have past trauma in your life and want a more fulfilling love life this audio is safe and helpful

It is amazing!

Since I started using the audio my sec life is going trough the rouf. I have the most powerful orgasm since. And my boyfriend is using it with me.

It is amazing for couples but also as a single to truely connect with your sexuality!