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Marisa Peer’s Perfect Deep Unbroken Sleep hypnosis audio helps you to use the power of your mind to dramatically improve your sleep.

The hypnosis audio will allow you to wake up each morning more rested and more energized for the day. It will also help you to fall asleep easier at night, and avoid tossing and turning and restlessness. It works by rewiring your mind to relax into the quality sleep your body needs to thrive.

Many people experience better results from listening to their recording consistently, so I encourage you to listen to your download daily for at least 21 days.

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Why Hypnosis Gets Phenomenal Results

Have you ever tried to change a habit with your strongest willpower in the world, only to discover a week later, you’ve fallen back into the same old pattern of behavior?  

Hypnosis works by getting to the root-cause—by digging deeper, to specifically rewire your subconscious mind and change your habits for good. 

Most of us aren’t aware of what drives our habits and behaviors because of subconscious blocks, so we self-sabotage. Therefore, we continue to run over and over the same patterns and get stuck in a rut. 

To truly understand our minds, we need to change it at its core. Unless we change at the root, no matter what we try to change at the surface level, we always revert to old, familiar patterns of behavior, which, of course, can feel very frustrating. 

Imagine your mind is like an elastic band. It continues to bounce back to what it only knows. Hypnosis stretches and breaks that “elastic band” entirely. In other words: when you use your hypnosis audio, your mind stretches, and breaks the old behavior, and makes a new pathway—a brand new habit. 

Hypnosis also gets extraordinary results because it works on our emotional state. Marisa explains that we have a conscious, “logical mind” and a subconscious, “feeling mind.” Our subconscious emotions and feelings will always defeat the logical part of our mind. This is why your hypnosis audio will help reprogram your mind to tackle any fears and blocks that your logical (conscious) mind simply can’t reach.  

What Is Self-Hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is where you induce a deep sense of relaxation in your mind and body. This allows your mind to be open and receptive to the positive suggestions you wish to give it.

Not to be confused with giving yourself positive suggestions through a self-induced hypnotic state. Marisa Peer’s self-hypnosis audios are carefully crafted and created over a 30 year period of results from working with an array of celebrities, royalty, top athletes & CEOs. Her    recordings have been specially designed to help you overcome issues and imprint powerful changes in your life—and you can listen to them in your own comfort. 

Our minds are so extraordinary and complex, self-hypnosis reaches the levels that our conscious mind can simply cannot access. Therefore, bringing about a change at a core level.  

What Happens When You Use Your Hypnosis Audio

As you relax during your hypnosis audio, you access the subconscious part of your mind. The critical, conscious part of your mind then shuts down to let in positive suggestions, to bring in new ideas that you never thought were possible. 


Many people think that hypnosis sends you to sleep, in fact, it does quite the opposite, and wakes up and stirs your mind. Your hypnosis audio then fires up, wires, and codes in new, powerful, and positive beliefs, to change habits and behaviors for good. Your mind is also more accepting and receptive to change when under hypnosis, meaning you’re more likely to see better results and a more significant transformation.

Your mind is so powerful, and you have more control than you think. Therefore, what you focus on throughout listening to your audio, expands. Your hypnosis creates a clear picture of precisely what you want, so you naturally move towards it. 

Marisa also uses a special, unique technique of combining powerful, dynamic, and compelling language to create a stronger imprint. Just like a computer, when you use your hypnotic audio, you are installing new software to create the best version of you. 

How To Make Your Hypnosis Audio Work For You

You may have landed on this page because you are simply fed up with trying everything, and nothing else has worked, and you’re now very ready for a change. 

The great news with this frustration and desire to change, is that you have to want the change to happen for your hypnosis to be effective and transformational. Therefore, the more you want it, the more it will happen as you expand as you move towards it.  

People can start to experience results within the first 21 days, so make sure you listen to the audio every day for it to have the maximum effect.

Our minds learn by repetition, so when you repeatedly listen to your download over 21 days, you will notice much better results. For example, if we want a healthy, fit body, we don’t expect to get results immediately after one day’s training at the gym. Your mind is the same—you reprogram it as if your mind is at the gym, and install your new behavior into your subconscious properly.  

During your hypnosis audio, your mind also becomes excited and receptive to change, which means your mind is more able to easily accept new habits. 

Is Self-Hypnosis Safe? 

Self-Hypnosis is entirely natural and safe. If you’ve ever found yourself driving your car on autopilot or in a trance-like state when you’ve been watching TV, you’ve gone into a state of hypnosis. 

Marisa’s self-hypnosis audios, programs, courses, and meditations have been designed and recorded by her personally to install new, powerful, positive beliefs on the subject matter you have chosen. 

You will always be in control when you use your audio, and you will simply relax into a state of heightened control. The more you practice using your hypnosis audio, the more you will be able to not only eradicate fears and blocks, but also adopt, acquire and own, the exact habits and behaviors that you want in your life.  

After your download, we recommend that you watch the video and read the tips in the 'How To Make The Most From Your Course' module.

How To Receive Your Hypnosis Audio

After your purchase, keep an eye on your inbox and check other email folders, such as junk or spam. Ensure you add Marisa Peer to your contact list to make sure you don’t miss important information about your product. Your audio access details will be sent within five minutes, but it can take up to 20 minutes in rare cases. If you have already purchased a Marisa Peer course, then your hypnosis audio will automatically be added to your member’s area. 

Guaranteed Satisfaction 

Marisa is sure that you will love your self-hypnosis audio. However, if you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied, so there is a 14-day money-back guarantee. All you would have to do is contact our support team to arrange a refund: 

What About The Special Offers 

Remember, you can also create your own hypnosis bundle and grab 3 for 2 on your audio courses. Build your bundle here. Make sure that you also check out the special offers that are available on the product shop homepage to not miss out any great deals with your audio.

Suggest Another Self-Hypnosis Topic

Marisa is always open to suggestions for new self-hypnosis courses that would benefit and help more people. Please ensure that you have browsed all the products in the shop first, and if there is a topic that is not there, and you’d love to make a new suggestion for consideration, please email:  

How To Gift This Audio Course

Do you know someone who would benefit from this self-hypnosis audio? You can now give your family and friends the gift of freedom from fear, doubt, and stress and help set themselves up for success. Gift this here. You can also share this with them, here.

Customer Reviews

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I can do it

I love it but what if
I don't want to do this


We would love to help you, but could you please provide some additional information so we can advise?

If you have any questions, you could also email and we would be more than happy to assist.

Kind regards,

Team Marisa

eoin keenan
Limited results (so far)

Based on the other reviews, I regret that I am in the minority here or if there are other customer who didn't get results, perhaps they haven't spoken up. I regret primarily, as if I was leaving a 4 or 5 star rating. I would have solved my sleep issues. Alas, after 21 days today, I am always awake at the end of the soundtrack and still wake multiple times during the night. I guess the review is related to my results primarily and I accept that the program works well for others, which is great. The other thing is getting spammed too frequently about purchasing other programs or becoming a RTT trainer. My constructive feedback is that this is just far too frequent. It becomes irritating , and you get a whiff of pyramid scheme which dilutes the integrity of the program. I am not against this - it's business , just less frequent.

Hello Eoin,

thank you for sending us your feedback about the Perfect Deep Unbroken Sleep audio and I'm sorry to hear that it is not right for you.

I would really like to help you further with this in addition to amending your marketing preferences so I'll be reaching out to you via private message.


Ekaterina Neu
My sleep has never been better

It absolutely works. I truly never slept deeper and better. Being sensitive to noises always made me wake up multiple times a night, especially people around me snoring, has been a real nightmare for me because I couldn’t stand it. I'm listening to the audio for a little over a month now and it is incredible how good and deep I sleep through the night without waking up. I love it and can highly recommend it ❤️

Patricia Erickson
So helpful.

I started to use this course, Perfect Deep Unbroken Sleep, for a few weeks now and I can see amazing results. Sleep always comes to me, staying asleep is another matter. Many night are interrupted by waking up often. Now already after these few weeks of using this course I sleep better.
Thank you Marisa for having such incredible courses, so life changing. I am so grateful to have come across your teachings. Thank you. Patricia.

Perfect deep unbroken sleep

Hello, I am listening the audio ever since I bought it and it helpes me a lot with my sleep. I enjoy my sleep very much,it is very deep, I rarely wake up in the middle of the night. And if I do, I fall asleep again. I am very happy and satisfied. Thank you very much, regards Ana Kudrnovsky