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Stop Drinking

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This audio will encourage you and motivate you to stop drinking altogether and it will programme you to not miss it at all and to welcome and enjoy the absence of alcohol in your life even if people you live or socialise with drink in your presence.*

Your mind is programmed to remember things you enjoy and triggers you to seek those pleasures. How do you re-program the mind to stop that pattern?

This audio is an incredibly effective way to help you get motivated and stop drinking long term. It will help you get re-programmed to not miss alcohol even if the people around you drink in your presence.*

Customer Reviews

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Perfect words

I find the way Marissa speaks very soothing, sometimes I fall asleep but I just like to listen to relax before sleep. It does seem to be just there in my mind and I’m not going to question it as seems too good to be true but so far so good!! Used alongside other quit lit and podcasts. Very good. Worth the money.

Stop Drinking hypnotherapy

I love listening to this recording. It not only is helping to reprogram my subconscious but is also very relaxing. I can listen to it anytime but I like using it when I go to bed. I fall asleep with these ideas being the last ones I hear. It has been one tool I’ve used to stop drinking.

Relax alcohol away

The hypnosis tape is inspiring and oh so easy to listen to.

Stop drinking and weight loss program

The stop drinking program was a gift for my daughter. Have not
Heard back from her with results. I continue to do the weight loss program and have not seen results yet. I continue listening every night and remain a believer!


Helps you to drink moderately. Excellent suggestions