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Wealth Wiring

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Marisa Peer's best-selling "Wealth Wiring" audio course will help you transform your mindset from within to attract abundance and wealth.

The feeling of not having enough wealth and not being able to attract wealth is almost always rooted in a feeling of what you are worth. This hypnosis audio course will help you to rewire your mind and transform your thinking and attitude to your self-worth from within. This course will help you to feel more valuable, more confident in yourself and the prosperity you can attract.

People start to experience results within the first 21 days, so make sure you listen to the audio every day for it to have the maximum effect.

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Customer Reviews

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Wealth Wiring

Marisa is simply fantastic

I am a coach in Hamburg and love the way she helps your subconscious mind to go to the direction you want. I can highly recommend the programs and already know her from Mindvalley. Gonna start my RTT Training soon to help my clients with it to.

Thanks Marisa and thanks Team

Wealth wiring

I have noticed a shift and change in how I view money in a positive way and realised the negative views I held on money, I have only been listening for a week but am noticing so far real positive changes and shifts! Its changing my mindset for the better! Thankyou so much Marrisa!

Working to release my money blocks

I have huge money blocks and I feel this audio is helping me get better, slowly. I feel more confident in my ability to find a way to make money and more open to new opportunities.

Great investment

As a result of listening to the audio, I took action to earn some extra money. The cost of the audio has been well covered!:)