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Confidence Bundle

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Experience the extraordinary effects of hypnosis on your inner confidence with this Confidence audio bundle. These hypnosis downloads will help you learn how to generate confidence that will radiate from within and will always be with you in any and every situation.

Unlock These 3 Audios:

Audio #1: Confidence & Self Esteem

This Confidence and Self-esteem audio is designed for anyone and everyone, whether you are focusing on your mental health, trying to defeat feelings of rejection or simply want to feel more confident every day. Confidence can be programmed into you. This audio effectively reprograms your mind so that confidence radiates from within you.*

Product Value: US$49

Audio #2: Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Whether you have a big sales pitch coming up or you are preparing to make a speech at your best friend’s wedding, this audio will help you to speak with ease and confidence and to feel calm and happy in front of an audience.

Product Value: US$49

Audio #3: Lovability

The feeling of believing we are not lovable, or not loveable enough, affects everything that we do. Our jobs, our relationships, and our opinion of ourselves. To attract and maintain love you must love yourself. Our own acceptance is the most important acceptance of all. When we are loveable, we are able to do more and achieve more in every area of our lives. When we know we are loveable we give and receive love more easily and our lives are happier.*

Product Value: US$49


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After 30 days I start noticing the difference in self perceptions but as well how I felt more confident in some situations where I would be judging myself for what I have said, did or have not do.


It feels empowering.