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Conception Bundle

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This hypnotherapy pregnancy programme audio series takes you through natural, easy conception, a perfect, healthy pregnancy and easy pain-free birth.*

Whether you are trying for the first time or dealing with unexplained infertility. The Conception Pack consists of Marisa’s voice and words guiding your body into doing exactly what it was designed to: create a perfect, healthy baby.*

Marisa has had enormous success in helping women conceive even when they have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Marisa believes that our subconscious beliefs about pregnancy, birth and raising children can block our ability to conceive.

Customer Reviews

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Best purchase ever

I did the conception session for about 2 months and became pregnant within the 2 months. Before that, I had tried to become pregnant for about 4 months unsuccessfully.

Conception pack

I’d love to give review for this product. Well i didnt get pregnant after i bought this product. Because i got pregnant i wanted to invest to me and my baby with Marisa’s perfect pregnancy and hypnotic birth audios. I had terrible morning sickness and whenever i listen perfect pregnanct i felt better and easier. And as its said in the audio every time you go to doctor your baby is perfect, its true whenever i get checked my baby is very active and well developed. Thank you. I am turning imto my third trimester soon. So ill start using the hypnotic birth audio

Impactful, Calming and Empowering

This hypnosis meditation has been incredibly powerful in slowly rewriting negative energy and thoughts — and replacing them with vivid, clear, positive imagery and forward-thinking ideas to create the future you want! Marisa Peer is wonderful!

A lot of hope

I enjoy the tone of Marisa's voice, the peace, and relaxation transmitted by the audio "friend", the relevant guiding content. I will complete the program and I will repeat it until I will succeed on my journey. Thank you, Marisa Peer and I thank your dedicated team as well. Cristina.